SSC Principal Report of Salient Issues, January 13, 2011

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Heather School Site Council

January 13, 2011 “Salient Issues”

District Admin. Reorganization

The recent district administration reorganization was a result of the district goal to better align K-8 curriculum & instruction in the district.

  • Lynette Hovland, CMS principal assigned to D.O. as Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability;
  • Steve Kaufman, A. Principal assigned to CMS principal;
  • Adam Paulson, TL, V.P. assigned as A. Principal;
  • Paul Chun, CMS V.P. assigned as T.L. vice principal and
  • Marie Crawford, D.O. Curriculum & SMART-E assigned as CMS vice principal

These moves were either a promotion or a lateral career move for these administrators; Craig Baker has received positive feedback so far regarding these changes; Dr. Baker shared that in his experience the beginning of the year can be “more often than not”  the worse time to make administrative changes, especially in middle school with so many things happening at the start of the school year. So far this mid-year transition has been very smooth.”

The State’s Job Bill

The district portion of the State’s Job Bill was $580,000; San Carlos is the only district to actually give money back to employees; returned “freeze of salary”; furlough day, although increased class size had to remain; other districts chose to “save” the money.

Working Towards 98% Attendance Rate

In November I spoke with the PTA about the superintendent’s letter regarding student attendance and I posted his letter to our webpage and linked it from my Principal’s Bulletin. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, please do so.

Principals received a report yesterday on our attendance rate per site. Heather’s is lower than the rest of the schools in San Carlos. Our attendance rate dropped last year, mostly due to the H1N1 flu, and we lost about $28,000 in ADA funding due to a very small decrease in the attendance rate. The district’s goal this year was to stay at or above 98% of attendance and Heather is at 96.19%, just slightly below the other K-4 schools. The middle schools are actually doing better with 98.06% and 97.26%. Anything Heather parents can do to help us increase our attendance rate would be much appreciated.

Independent Study Packets can be arranged by the classroom teacher if a student is going to be out for more than 5 days and less than 20. If the contract is fulfilled the district will receive ADA.

Homework Center Grant “After School Reading & Math Clubs”

We have received another year of funding for the after school HW Center, which for the last eight years has served students in grades 2 – 4, who were referred by their classroom teacher to receive homework support and extra support in reading and math.

This year we have re-designed the program and calling it our “After School Reading and Math Club”. Teachers, again refer students who need extra support in reading or math in grades 2-4. A.S. Math Club is held on Mondays and Tuesdays, and A.S. Reading Club is on Wednesdays and Thursday directly after school for 1½ hours. Michelle Marino is our lead teacher. Her staff currently consists of Noreen Stratton, a certificated teacher working as a RSP para in Room 8, and Lisa Speller, our literacy instructional aide, and Tobey Bergen, who has worked in our HW Center before and is a HC Tutor.

We expect to be expanding our staff, so if anyone is interested, let Principal Jasso know. We might open it up to 1st grade students, depending on staffing and after we see how the program progresses.

Teachers spent their staff meeting time today collaborating on what skills need to be addressed at different grade levels and helping to pull curriculum and resources. We will use math games, computer programs and other activities to help students practice math facts and other skills that have been taught in their grade levels. In reading we will use the computer lab as well for Accelerated Reader and Read Naturally, which are both differentiated programs that build fluency and comprehension. In addition students will get small group instruction on key grade level skills in math and/or reading.

Students who participate in these programs are exempt from “assigned” homework on the nights that they attend these after school reading/math clubs, but will still be responsible for studying for scheduled tests, i.e. spelling words, and for classroom projects that have been assigned over time.

We are really excited about this new program.

Please note that this program is opened to referred students only.