SSC- Minutes & Principal Report Nov. 4, 2010

School Site Council, November 4, 2010
(download unapproved minutes here: SSC Minutes: November 4, 2010)

Principal Report

Principal Comments

Since our last SSC meeting on 9/23/10 one of our Reading Club teachers resigned and we hired Lori Chambers. Reading Club is now in full swing, with both Ms. Chambers and Ms. McCollum giving direct reading intervention to K-4 students who need extra support.

School Site Council News- online

New online, web page and iContact, Heather School Site Council News is now being posted online, both on our web site as well as being emailed out using the new iContact distribution list. We are now posting official agenda and minutes, but also “Agenda at a Glance” and promoting the fact that SSC is open to the public and is the venue for learning about school and district programs and policies, as well as giving input.

Homework Center, the Homework Center grant program was just approved by the County and will be provided to districts and sites for application this month and if accepted and approved, Heather’s HW Center could be open in January 2011.

Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for the week of January 15.

New TB/Background Check Requirements

New law going into effect, any casual walk on coaches and volunteers need to be fingerprinted and have background checks; any volunteers that work on a regular ongoing basis, or work with students on their own, outside of the classroom; HC Tutor program needs to be redone, as it was done in the City of SC system, and has to be done in the district. The advice to us is, “to apply a reasonableness”; exemptions include: volunteers working in a classroom with a teacher, lunch time volunteers, field trip volunteers, as well as special events, one time activities, i.e. book fair, walk-a-thon, etc. After school programs, vendors, and all other volunteers working with kids on a regular basis need to have background checks on file with the district; TB tests also are applied and need to be on file (good for 4 years).

Dr. Lesley Martin, Wellness Coordinator, has been collecting parent feedback on “What challenges do our kids face on the road to a healthy life”; she spoke at the October PTA meeting and some of the concerns included social skills, bullying prevention practices, safe routes to school, especially on Melendy Drive in front of the schools, frequency of PE classes, student lunches & nutrition, and  5th graders attending middle school with 7th and 8th graders; If you have any comments/suggestions which you think will help children towards a healthy lifestyle, please contact Dr Lesley Martin at

Movie Policy: Proposed DRAFT (as of 9/27/10)

The district is working on several policies, developing new ones or revising existing ones for board approval this year. One such policy is the Use of Movies/Videos in Classrooms.

Sites have been asked to share this policy draft at School Site Council meetings and bring submit any feedback from parents or staff for further development/revision of the policy. I will keep a copy in the front office and inform parents via our SSC News that parents can come in to see it and leave me feedback.

The proposed Movie Policy DRAFT  is available in the school office for parent and staff review. Please feel free to give input either by sending Principal Jasso an email or leaving a note with Karen Sanchez in the office for the principal. Your input will then be forwarded to the committee for consideration.

Heather Leadership Team

Heather L.T. is a team of teachers, representing each grade level or grade level cluster. The role of L.T. is to analyze student achievement data and to develop a proposed  Site Plan for Student Achievement to the SSC and to the rest of the  teaching staff. The L.T. also can take staff issues and discuss them in a smaller group before bringing it back to the whole staff, which can expedite the process of decision or to bring an issue or idea forward. It also supports the ideas of presentation of ideas to staff by staff. Brandon Roslin, Heidi Geiges, Lynn Dames and Sheila Sevilla are our L.T. members and we are currently looking for another K-2 teacher to join the team.

Teacher Leadership Council

The T.L.C. is a district curriculum and instruction council with teacher representation from each school for ELA and math and covering all grade levels K-8. Brandon Roslin (ELA) and Heidi Geiges (math) are Heather’s reps. They are currently working on surveying teachers about their curriculum and instruction needs in order to plan out for professional development for the district and individual sites. Two topics that have risen to the top are  1.) support for implementing the new math program, Every Day Math and 2.) revising the report cards, especially in the area of math.

Our process in analyzing and working with our student achievement data.

Tonight’s school board meeting (11/4/10) is going to address the district’s STAR reports and trends across the district, at individual sites and across grade levels. The principals will then report out on what we do next after we have collected our data. I will be talking about our DATA Organization tool, that teachers use at the beginning of the year to collect all sources of performance data from kindergarten assessments, DIBLES, DRA, CELDT, MARS, Writing, STAR/CST and from their use it to identify our target students, or our students who are performing below grade level.

Then Elizabeth Veal and John Triska will talk about two other tools that we use or will use in grade level teams to collaborate on the strategies to use to support our target students.  Steve Kaufman will talk about the SST process, and then the middle school principals will discuss their work around student data.

Due to time constraints we will table the discussion of the process we use for supporting our high achieving students for another SSC meeting.