Heather School boasts a wonderful library with a circulation of more than xx,xxx age-appropriate books and instructional videos. To manage its collection, Heather School uses Alexandria Library Automation Software.

Under the supervision of our fabulous librarian, Mrs. Royce, students visit our school library with their classmates once a week. During their library trips, students learn about characteristics of a book, how to navigate the library, how to find reference materials for class projects and how to request reference materials through inter-library loan.

To the delight of our students, Mrs. Royce will select and read a new, award-winning children’s book to our younger classes. At designated times, teachers may send students to the library for independent research. Parent volunteers serve as library docents.

Through Heather’s Birthday Book Program, children may contribute a favorite book to the library on their birthday. Please contact Mrs. Royce for more information.

Mrs. Royce is also actively involved in the Fall Book Fair, Story Night and Spring Book Fair.