School Counselor’s Corner

Meredith Larsen

Please contact our School Counselor, Meredith Larsen at

or through the Heather School Office 650-508-7303

for information regarding resources and school support.  Mrs.

Larsen is at Heather on Mondays and Thursdays.

Meredith Larsen shares her time between Heather and Arundel Elementary Schools.  She has a masters degree in Counseling with an emphasis in School Counseling (Pupil Personnel Services Teaching Credential) from San Francisco State University.  She also has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mrs. Larsen’s role includes:

  • Classroom Life-Skill Lessons  (Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Lessons)  Click Here to See What’s New This Month with the elementary Life-Skill Program
  • Conflict Resolution and Restorative Practices between students
  • Playground observation and problem-solving
  • Student Success Team (SST) support
  • *Small Groups Social and Emotional Learning (Friendship Groups)
  • *Small Groups with specialized topics, such as grief, changing families and divorce
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, staff, and community agencies
  • Crisis intervention

*written parent permission is required for ongoing small group participation


What’s New?

Check out this video on the Science of Character and SEL


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Life-Skill Lessons of the Month 2013-2014

September:  Fairness

October:  Safety

November- December:  Compassion

January-February:  Leadership (anti-bullying lessons)

March-April:  Mindfulness

May:  Honesty